Edit this page!

This is your homepage. Now it's up to you to change it into something fantastic. Everything on this page can be edited or removed. Below are some quick reminders.

1. You need to unlock a page to edit it. The lock is on the bottom left of every page.

2. Try Double-Clicking things. This will let you...
    • Change the font, size, and color of text.
    • Adjust an items background, border, dimensions, and transparency.
    • Set other properties that are unique to that Box.

3. To add stuff to your page, click the "Add Content" button in the Toolbar.

To remove something from your page, click on it, then press the "X" button in the Toolbar.

5. Want more pages? Just click the "Wizard" icon and he'll help you out.

6. Need inspiration? Check out our Roxer Sites page. You can even unlock other people's pages to see how they built them. Don't worry, changes don't save unless you own the page.

7. Be sure to check out our "How To's" section and Support Forum. Just click the "Help" link at the top of the page.

And now a quick example of what you can do..
This could be a page header
I've set the "Layout Panel" behind to have a red background.
This is a paragraph that's been stacked one layer above a blue "Layout Panel". You can adjust the stack order of things by pressing the "Move Forward" and "Move Back" buttons.
I used the "Advanced" settings for this image to give it a colored border.